DSC introduces 3G wireless alarm communicators

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

TORONTO—DSC, part of Tyco Security Products, recently announced it has introduced a series of HSPA/3G wireless alarm communicators that can be used as the sole communicator or in a back-up mode with the phone line.

With the impending turndown of the GPRS/2G network, DSC is ensuring that these wireless alarm communicators will perform at the highest level now and through the lead up to the GPRS/2G shutdown. By starting to install 3G communicators now, customers can avoid future service calls to upgrade devices now that major carriers have solidified plans to completely remove their GPRS/2G network in given areas, beginning in the next two to three years. By offering the new 3G models at the same pricing as their 2G equivalents, DSC allows dealers to leverage the benefits of the new technology without any additional expense.

With the continuing migration away from traditional phone lines and toward Voice over IP (VoIP) and mobile phones, delivering primary or back-up alarm communications has evolved to include HSPA wireless communications over a 3G network. The 3G3070 HSPA Universal Wireless Alarm Communicator, 3G3070CF HSPA Universal Wireless Fire Alarm Communicator both utilize the HSPA network as back-up to ensure high speed, reliable and secure alarm communications. With the HSPA backup, any concerns about the possibility of phone line disruption are removed.