New alarm ordinance spurred by Christmas fire tragedy

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

STAMFORD, Conn.—City representatives this summer approved an ordinance requiring smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in all private residences, according to the Stamford Advocate newspaper. The paper said the ordinance is designed to prevent a tragedy like the 2011 Christmas Day fire in this city that killed three young sisters and their grandparents.

The legislation brings Stamford in compliance with a new state law requiring fire detection devices in single family homes and homes under renovation, the paper said.

State and local laws previously required smoke alarms only in residences with three or more units, the paper said.

The house that burned at Christmas did not have an operating hard-wired smoke alarm system before the fire, the newspaper said.

It said that the homeowner, Madonna Badger, a New York advertising executive, said she did not hear alarms when she woke shortly before dawn to find her home ablaze.”

Badger, whose three daughters and parents died in the fire, escaped along with her friend Michael Borcina. The home was under renovation at the time, and Borcina was acting as the general contractor, the paper said.