“40 under 40” Class of 2019 — Sarah Moore, 37

Senior Enterprise Resilience Consultant, Arcadis U.S., Inc.
Friday, November 1, 2019

With a background in emergency management and various jobs at the federal, state and local levels, Sarah Moore was provided opportunities and assignments to participate in homeland security committees, trainings, exercises, planning efforts and coordination with the law enforcement sector.

“My inspiration to get involved in security was the passion and devotion of my friends and coworkers in law enforcement and homeland security ­— I was simply surrounded by great people trying to make a difference and I wanted to help,” Moore said.

She spends her professional days assisting clients with assessing risk, resilience and preparedness in the areas of operation, with projects including risk assessments, and creating plans for emergency operations, response, recovery and continuity.

Moore said that technology continues to improve very quickly, allowing for more advanced and affordable software and hardware. “In the future, I see organizations being able to afford this technology, and also get more use out of it to deter incidents and get better results from investigations” she said, noting she does worry about our reliance on technology and movement away from the human element.

She strongly advocates for more mid-level management security positions as she sees folks of all ages struggle with the transition from security guard/patrol to management. “Low pay and status along with limited room for advancement and growth deter good people from entering the field,” she said. “The knowledge, skills, and abilities employers look for when hiring management positions are difficult to obtain if there are limited opportunities for increased responsibilities and duties. More training on software programs, reports, and analysis may offer incentives to get involved and stay in the sector.”