Bay Alarm settles into new consolidated headquarters

Sunday, June 1, 2003

PACHECO, Calif. - One of California’s largest independent alarm companies has moved into a new 31,000- square-foot facility, relocating its corporate headquarters and central station to a more convenient location seven miles to the east.

The new headquarters here for Bay Alarm also incorporated the sales and service operations of a nearby branch office in Martinez, said Graham Westphal, vice president. In all, the new facility houses 150 employees from departments such as accounting, corporate accounts, collections and executive offices. While only a short distance from the company’s former location, that seven miles means about 35 minutes of driving time due to traffic in the San Francisco Bay area, Westphal said.

“This gives us room for growth, but it was also a financial decision,” West-phal said. “The town we moved to has lesser operating costs and it more easily accessed.”

Although Westphal declined to detail the company’s investment in the project, the building’s purchase and move also gives the company an improved infrastructure with underground fiber to the building and about 6,000 square feet for Bay Alarm’s central station. That area, located on the building’s second floor, monitors Bay’s 75,000 accounts.

While the branch occupies about 5,000 square feet, administration takes up about 8,000 square feet of the building. The bulk of the remaining space is used for warehousing.

The company had been in its former location in Walnut Creek, Calif., for about 11 years.