CMS launches medical division

New service should boost firm's growth by 20 percent
Friday, February 1, 2002

LONGWOOD, Fla.-Computerized Monitoring Services has formed a new division that will focus exclusively on its medical monitoring business, a specialized service offering that the company will likely grow by 20 percent or more this year.

Already the exclusive monitoring center for an Orlando-based ResponseLink, an emergency medical response supplier, CMS will use that business and that of other medical response companies to devote dedicated monitoring space as well as dispatchers to the customer-service intensive medical monitoring. CMS signed its deal with ResponseLink last spring.

"We have done medical monitoring for years, but it has not been our focus," said Tony Wilson, president of CMS. With a new dedicated division, the company will be able to concentrate on growing both the number of accounts as well as the number of customers, he said.

Although the actual monitoring is fairly straightforward, Wilson said, the related services are a bit more labor intensive. To comply with the Medicaid requirements in many states, dispatchers must call the end-user and have them physically test their emergency response pendant. Dispatchers must also keep up on medication tracking for each end-user, as well as the proper contacts for notification when patients are transported to the hospital or another care facility, he said.

"The procedures and handling the customers is quite a bit different so we wanted to focus on that," Wilson said. The company plans to increase its exposure in that area by marketing directly to companies like Response Link, who are essentially alarm companies but offer the medical response service only, he said.

While revenue numbers from the specialized service rank somewhat higher than traditional fire and burglar monitoring, Wilson said he expects "nice, slow decent growth" from the division over the next year, with the possibility of a jump in accounts due to some possible acquisitions pending over the next year from CMS customers.

"If we had 20 percent growth, I'd be happy, but we could really blow that out of the water," he said.