Dedicated Micros targets integrators

Friday, February 1, 2002

CHANTILLY, Va.-Armed with a year's worth of climbing sales from a new product line, a multiplexer manufacturer here has launched a national account sales division that targets systems integrators and national commercial security companies.

With sales nearly doubling from the launch a year ago of the company's Digital Sprite digital multiplexer line and with the company fresh from a host of other changes it had made over the past year, management felt the company was ready to service large integrators and other national firms as business partners on the sales and service level.

"Over the last 12 months, we've tried to heighten our market profile with more consistent marketing, doing case studies," said Jennifer Walczak, general manager of the company's North American operations. "All of those in general assisted in heightening our exposure and our insight with integrators."

The company has built a sales team to handle the national accounts effort, said Ed Solt, the company's new national accounts manager, who was brought on to lead the effort. Already, Dedicated Micros has signed on four partners, he said, although he declined to name the companies, citing confidentiality.

Solt and his team, which now numbers three, are scattered around the country to minimize the cost of the new national focus, Solt said. He is based in Calfornia; additional account specialists that will likely be added in the future will also be strategically placed around the U.S., he said.

The company is also concentrating on serving the needs of integrators and end-users in a number of vertical markets, such as the banking industry, schools, retail and restaurant sectors, Walczak said.