Digitech, Bel-Tek union addresses electrical needs

Sunday, June 1, 2003

BELLEVUE, Wash. - Things just got a little easier for industry professionals, builders and homeowners looking to install low- and high-voltage systems here, said the owners of a newly formed electrical company.

Digitech was formed in March, when Digitech Home Systems and Bel-Tek Electrical, both based in Washington, merged and began operating out of Digitech Home Systems’ headquarters here. The owners of the newly formed company said its biggest advantage is its ability to provide “one-stop shopping” for electrical needs in the residential market.

“Now, clients have to make one phone call,” said Rick Flescher, one of the four owners of Digitech. “They have one project manager. They receive one bill.”

Financial terms of the merger were not released, but owners said each company brought more than $4 million in annual revenue to Digitech.

The companies also brought a total of 65 employees.

Prior to the merger, Digi-tech Home Systems integrated low-voltage systems, such as security, audio/video, lighting control and home automation, for the residential market. Security made up about 15 percent of the mix.

Bel-Tek installed high-voltage systems, such as electrical panels, for the residential and commercial markets. Now, Digitech provides all of these services.

“It made sense,” said Lee Travis, another owner of Digitech. “The two companies were working on 80 percent of the same projects anyway.”

In fact, the two companies have common ownership. Fle-scher’s father started Bel-Tek in 1968 and, eventually, Flescher and Rod Moore became the company’s owners. Flescher and Moore then started Digitech Home Systems in 2000 as an offshoot of the company and brought Travis and Jim Monson, a 10-year-employee of Bel-Tek, on board. These four men now own Digitech.

Although Digitech Home Systems and Bel-Tek worked closely, they had different locations: Digitech Home Systems in Bellevue and Bel-Tek in Bellevue and Bellingham. Owners said the arrangement left room for inefficiencies, such as duplication in staffing the potential for miscommunicating.

Although Digitech Home Systems and Bel-Tek have merged, Digitech has kept all of its employees. In fact, the company has added several positions, bringing the total number of employees closer to 80.

With the merger under their belts, the owners of Digitech are already looking at what they want to target next: the commercial market.

“We’re putting the pieces together right now,” Flescher said. “Things should snowball by the end of the year.”