Hedge Tactical Solutions’ real-time emergency response technology overrides silent mode on Apple devices

Monday, April 8, 2019

HUDSON, Wis.—Hedge Tactical Solutions, a real-time emergency response technology, reached an agreement with Apple Inc. to override the silent setting for its customers who have Apple products. All Apple devices, such as the iPhone and iPad, emit a loud audible tone during specific events like an Amber Alert, and now, all Hedge Tactical Solutions customers using Apple products will be alerted to an active shooter situation by a distinct audio alert.

“This is a huge step forward in the development of our mobile technology,” Kevin Grundstrom, founder and CEO of Hedge Tactical Solutions, said in an announcement. “We know our technology will saves lives in the event of an active shooter situation. Now being able to alert even people whose iPhones are set to silent mode will enable us to notify more occupants of a facility and save even more lives.”

Hedge Tactical Solutions’ mobile app shows building occupants the floorplan of a facility as well as displays and tracks the shooter’s movement in real-time and shares this information with law enforcement responding to the scene. Additionally, a mass notification feature allows all occupants in the building to know when the situation is over, when it’s safe to come out and where to meet for reunification.

“We may never be able to eliminate active shooter events all together, but with our technology and this agreement with Apple, we can reduce the bloodshed and save lives,” Grundstrom said.

This technology is being implemented by school districts, houses of worship, warehouses and an NFL franchise. The ability to override the silent setting on Apple products is scheduled to go live in the next three months.