Integrators '20 under 40' 2015—Josh Long

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Josh Long, 35

Manager, technical & services delivery, Event Monitoring Center, Diebold Security

Canton, Ohio

Working in Naval intelligence for four years, Josh Long focused on communication and computer systems. When he began working at Diebold, initially as an alarm dispatcher, he found his Navy training skills transferred well to security.

Over the years, Long was promoted to the program group and is now manager of that group. He likes helping Diebold customers “find the solutions that are the best for what they’re trying to accomplish.”

It involves a lot of strategy, but it requires thinking tactically as well, he said. He enjoys projects that involve new technology or new ways of doing things. “You plan for things to go right, but you have to be flexible and nimble if something goes wrong,” he said.

What new technology is affecting his customers? Long said video alarm verification that ties into customers’ onsite video systems has been successful in reducing false alarm fines. “To me that brings more value to our monitoring product while also helping to mitigate cost,” he said

Long believes security companies can attract more talented young people by recruiting veterans and “people who have been part of an organized team or club in the past.” It could be “an athletic team or the debate team,” he said.

“Individuals who have a strong team ethic and know how to work toward a common goal are a good talent pool for the industry.”