Knight launches builder program

New headquarters provides room for program addition
Tuesday, July 1, 2003

HARRISBURG, Pa. - A new headquarters with ample room has afforded Knight Security Systems the space to create a program to provide home-builders with structured wiring and other services, such as security and central vacuum systems.
The program, launched in April, comes just months after the company relocated to a 4,400-square-foot headquarters here that allows the company to hire several more employees over the next few months.

Many of those new employees, such as salespeople and technicians, will focus their attention on the company’s new Builders Rewards Program, which is expected to triple the company’s sales in one year.

“We were in the business 24 years and we worked with builders throughout those times, but never had a program with a whole package for them,” said Robert Maley, founder of Knight Security and vice president of marketing and sales. “With the incoming of structured wiring, we thought it would be a good idea to put it together in one package.”

Builders who become part of the program will use Knight Security for their structured wiring needs. The builder will pay a basic price for structured wiring, but Knight will have the opportunity to offer a combination of additional services to the homebuilder, such as security, intercom and central vac, for an additional cost.

The benefit for the builder, said Keith Maley, president of Knight Security, is the builder works with one contractor to offer home buyers a variety of services. “We think this is going to be a good combination,” said Keith Maley, who took over running Knight Security two years ago. “The builder is only going to have to call one contractor.”

Since it launched the program, Knight Security has signed up two builders in the Harrisburg, Pa., area. One builder averages 15 to 20 new homes a year, while the other specializes in the high-end home market by building homes of 4,500 square feet.

In the next six months, the 1,200 customer company hopes to sign on between 30 to 40 builders. In the future, Knight Security intends to add a structured wiring showroom so builders and the homebuyer can view Knight’s products first hand.