Monitronics gears up for new charity 5K race

Acclaimed runner Bill Rodgers to be at race
Wednesday, July 27, 2016

DALLAS—Monitronics is joining with Mission 500 to host the Moni 5K race on Aug. 6 to benefit local schools, the first of what could be an annual event and an example of Mission 500’s new model.

The starting line will be at Monitronics’ headquarters in Farmers Branch, Texas, about 15 miles from Dallas. Proceeds from the race go to LINC North Texas, an organization that seeks to reduce school drop out rates. LINC is partnering with AVID, a separate organization that focuses specifically on preparing students for college and serves 100 schools in North Texas and 4,700 schools nationwide.

“The event is kind of unique in that the aid is … going out to local schools right in Farmers Branch,” Jeff Eichenlaub, Mission 500 director of strategic partnerships, told Security Systems News.

Eichenlaub said Mission 500 worked with Monitronics to identify a local partner “that makes sense, that they can likely have a longer term relationship with on other levels, and we’ll be replicating this model across the country.”

Mission 500 is an organization that partners with companies in security to benefit charities, helping children in need. Mission 500 has lately been focused on a new model of working with companies to benefit their local communities.

Previously, Mission 500 worked mostly with World Vision. While the two organizations still work together, Mission 500 is branching out to work more with security companies to benefit their local communities.

“We still work with World Vision as one of our charity partners,” Eichenlaub said. Mission 500 is now helping security companies “reach out locally and be a regional ambassador for Mission 500 in their communities,” he said.

Planning for the Moni 5K began in April, according to Eichenlaub. The Moni 5K was inspired by the Security 5K/2K, held every year in partnership with ISC, but the two events are not connected, he said.

The Security 5K was founded by Security Systems News and ISC West.

Cash prizes will be awarded to the top three male and female finishers. First place winners will be awarded $1,000, second place finishers get $750 and third-place finishers receive $500.

Running legend Bill Rodgers, four-time winner of both the Boston and New York City Marathons, will also be making an appearance at the event.

Also part of the event, volunteers will be assembling 300 “family food packs,” designed to feed a family of five for all three meals in a single day, Eichenlaub said. These packs are handed out at schools for children to bring home on the weekends, he said.