Nextgen ID gets new direction from veterans Mills and Nass

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

LEWISVILLE, Texas--Nextgen ID, a little known biometric company that previously primarily served the military market, is taking its product mainstream by partnering with select systems integrators.
The multi-modal access control and biometric software is unique because it's an integration engine that brings various biometrics and access control products together, according to Danny Mills, president of Nextgen ID.
"We have a lot of commercial clients looking to do both PIN and biometrics," said Mills. "Universities are calling. There's a big mandate to secure their labs."
The change in direction for Nextgen ID follows Mills and business partner Harry Nass buying the company last year.
The business was previously run by Susan Bostrom, an initial investor when the company began operations in 1999.
Mills came to Nextgen ID following work as chief executive officer of American Building Controls, a company now called MDI. Nass is a network engineer.
After Mills and Nass bought Nextgen ID, they spent the first six months reworking its product. In addition to software, the company also sells a fingerprint reader box, which uses technology from Digital Persona.
Up until recently, much of Nextgen ID's business came through word of mouth. The company plans to sign on six systems integration partners before the end of 2006, with a focus on large systems integration companies.
Mills said the company will continue to work with the military market, but today its business is equally split between commercial and military projects.
"Biometrics is another opportunity to take access control to the next level," said Mills, about his expectations for Nextgen ID and the biometric industry.
"It will continue to gain momentum because people want a medialess, or no card, environment."