Pinnacle’s ‘Security Plus’ custom built for seniors

Package includes direct two-way voice service, emergency button, extended cancellation period
Thursday, June 23, 2011

OREM, Utah—Pinnacle Security, a summer-model sales company based here, has launched a new “Security Plus” package specifically designed to meet the needs of senior citizens.

The company is so sure that seniors will like the package—which includes direct two-way voice communication and an emergency panic button that can be programmed to indicate a medical emergency—that it has extended the legally required three-day contractual cancellation period to 30 days for customers age 70 and over.

Stuart Dean, Pinnacle’s vice president of corporate communications, told Security Systems News that the extended trial period allows seniors “to see real value in this package.”

He said the package was customized based on feedback from existing senior customers about what features were important to them. “We felt like it was worth packaging and promoting and putting our name to it,” Dean said.

The package, which includes the choice of either a smoke or carbon monoxide detector where appropriate, was officially rolled out May 1. “It’s still early,” Dean said in a June 15 interview. “But the initial feedback has been extremely positive. They appreciate the extra time they have to evaluate the system.”

The company said, “Because the majority of alarms received at monitoring stations are medical alerts triggered by panic buttons, Security Plus is now offered as the standard for customers [age 70 and over]. Prior to the release of this feature, a customer’s inability to answer the phone, having triggered an alarm, would make it difficult to prepare emergency personnel for the situation prior to arrival.”

Dean said, “We’re seeing more and more seniors who want to have the flexibility of staying home (as they age).” The $46.99 per month cost of the package is comparable to the company’s standard monitoring fee, Dean said. This package helps seniors stay in their homes and provides reassurance to adult children.



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