PSA, NSCA combine events

Effort brings integrated system expertise to the market
Tuesday, July 1, 2003

DENVER - For years security cooperative PSA Security Network has conducted its annual conference and trade show separately from others, but that will change in 2004 when the organization combines its conference with the National Systems Contractors Association’s annual event.

The two groups recently inked deals to bring their events together next year in Las Vegas, March 19 to 21. It’s a culmination of several years of work on behalf of MSCA to increase the security exhibition aspect of its trade show, while PSA has been looking to increase its members’ access to network-based training and product vendors.

“This is a whole new dawn for us,” said Bill Bozeman, president and chief executive officer of PSA Security. “It’s really going to help NSCA a tremendous amount because they needed us for the security aspect of the show. And we’re really going to be able to help our members broaden their horizons by being associated with NSCA.”

PSA expects to benefit by tapping into the education courses NSCA offers, which center around the networking market, such as data, audio, video and telecommunications.

Members will also be exposed to vendors in the networking market who exhibit at NSCA’s trade show, along with new business networking opportunities beyond just PSA members.

For NSCA, the gain is mutually beneficial, said Chuck Wilson, executive director of the NSCA. He said 65 percent of the association’s members handle security systems installation, and bringing the two groups’ events together was a natural partnership in light of the convergence of IT and security.

“It’s going to be more and more important for us to understand how to get on and off the network more effectively,” said Wilson. “Man-ufacturers are going to need highly skilled dealers and installers in the industry.”

People who attend NSCA’s trade show will see more security vendors now that PSA’s annual show will be combined with theirs.

“We had only 30 or so security-focused exhibitors at the NSCA Expo and this will quadruple that,” said Wilson.

The additional room for more security vendors will come as welcome news to exhibitors at PSA’s annual conference. For the past several years, space at its trade show has sold out, including rooms at the Denver hotel that housed the event, said Bozeman.

“Our growth was totally limited by the facility that we have been in,” he said.

While many aspects of each groups individual events will combine, PSA’s annual awards dinner, annual stockholders meeting and some of its seminar tracks will remain separate.