Ready, set, sold on security

Program builds biz on both sides of the fence
Friday, July 1, 2005

MORRIS PLAINS, N.J.--When Weichert Realtors joined forces with EverSafe Security Systems to offer security systems to homebuyers, the goal was providing optimal customer service.
Nearly four years later, the goal is still the same, but now both companies have experienced increases in business through the program, called Weichert Gold Services. Weichert gained business by becoming known as a full-service provider of real estate services and related needs, while EverSafe benefited from the extra leads the partnership brought in.
"Marketing wise it makes sense for us to have this partnership," said Carlos Cruz, director of sales at EverSafe, a firm that employs 65 people, accounts for four offices and is owned by industry veteran Todd Herman. "Over the years, the numbers have been significant in terms of our program."
Cruz attributed those increased numbers--the company currently installs 400 systems per month and 120 come from Weichart leads--to the company's four salespeople who directly work with Weichert's service coordinators to address questions.
Weichert Gold Services currently offers more than 125 services through more than 80 different providers, including mortgages, title insurance, home warranties and residential locksmith services. According to Ivan Shiffman, vice president of Weichert Home Connections, the program was designed to offer services and products homeowners needed when moving into a home.
"As our customer base became more security-minded and security-conscience, we knew it had become essential to provide an offering with home security services," Shiffman said.
But Weichert was looking to partner with a solid customer service background that could mirror the realty company's focus on the end user.
"When we built this, it was very important to us to have the backing of security monitoring from a company like ADT," Shiffman said, "and also have a strong relationship with a company that is concerned with providing a high level of customer service at the point of installation like EverSafe."
Both Shiffman and Cruz noted that the partnership between the two firms has been able to succeed with a program because of its relationships with each other and its customers.
"This is not a 50 percent/50 percent relationship," Cruz said. "I like to call it 100 percent effort from both partners Weichert and EverSafe. Every month we grow our numbers, while maintaining our service."