Samsung CCTV rolls out its equipment funding program

Friday, February 1, 2002

CARROLLTON, Texas-Samsung CCTV has launched a leasing program that enables dealers to secure financing for installation jobs that use products from a variety of manufacturers.

"Anything in the security realm we can finance. We're not strictly limited to Samsung," said Kami Schiller, vice president of marketing for Samsung CCTV.

Since its launch this fall, more than 30 dealers have signed up for the Samsung CCTV Prestige Leasing program. That number is expected to continue to grow, said Schiller, as more dealers become aware of the program and its advantages.

"Our goal was for the dealer to offer one-stop shopping to their customers. They can install access control, CCTV and burg and finance it for their customer," said Schiller. "This enables the dealer to have an edge over their competition."

Dealers who sign up for the program can offer customers 12 to 60 month payment plans on installation jobs costing $2,500 and up. Once the installation is complete, the dealer, in turn, receives payment for the job from the leasing program.

"The main benefit of leasing is the no capital expenditure for the customer and immediate funding for the dealer or integrators," said Thomas Wade, chief executive officer and president of Samsung CCTV. "It allows them to sell higher tech products, such as in the digital realm, where the capital expenditure can be prohibitive."

Samsung CCTV offers dealers training and marketing materials to hand out to customers about the program. The program is also being made available to distributors to offer to their dealers.

Along with adding a new leasing program, Samsung CCTV recently added three positions to its management team.

The new hires include Mike Jones as chief operating officer, John Lagnese as chief financial officer and Kami Schiller as vice president of marketing.

"We've experienced actually 300 percent growth over the last year," said Wade. "Mainly the growth is through network video and digital surveillance products."

GVI Inc. does business as Samsung CCTV, the exclusive distributor of Samsung Electronics security products in North American.