SecurityNet adds executive director to the payroll

The new director will help govern national projects and streamline operations
Thursday, May 1, 2003

SAN JOSE, Calif. - After years of being run by its members, systems integrator organization SecurityNet has hired its first executive director.

Under the leadership of Jack Torbeck, a former member of SecurityNet, the organization plans to implement new standards to help govern national projects worked on by multiple members, streamline operations and grow the group.

“To go up to the next level it’s going to take a dedicated focus,” said Brad Wilson, president of SecurityNet, who owns one of it’s member companies, RFI Communications and Security.

Like other presidents of the group, Wilson found it a challenge to both manage SecurityNet and his own company. “I couldn’t allocate the resources in my position to grow RFI and SecurityNet,” he said.

As a result, the 15-member organization comprised of independent systems integrators unanimously approved plans earlier this year to bring onboard Torbeck as its executive director to provide that attention.

Since its inception a decade ago, SecurityNet has evolved from a social organization where members simply shared ideas and networked to more of a business group. Today, its members, many of whom are proficient in the access control market, exchange leads and take part in group training. But the core values of the organization remain - its members are well-run, independent companies with a focus on customer service.

“In the very beginning it was more of an information exchange,” said Torbeck, who was also an original founding member of SecurityNet. “We were dealing with the same manufacturers and if I had a problem, maybe I could solve it for you just by talking about it.”

While still in the early stages of his tenure, Torbeck said his role is to simply help the group grow. Over the next few months he will begin looking at ways to standardize how member companies work together, such as on national projects that span the country and call upon multiple members’ expertise. Torbeck will put together a plan to streamline the likes of project management, estimating and engineering.

“The main focus is to make SecurityNet become seamless to the end user,” he said. “Right now if you go to one of the SecurityNet companies and have a job done you’re working with an individual company. We want to make it look the same whether you’re getting a job done in Los Angeles or New York.”

He will also manage relationships with manufacturers and expand upon training for members. The group already offers training specific to technicians and sales people through programs called TechNet and SalesNet.

And, the group continues to look at adding a few additional members in key geographic markets not already served by current members.

One recent addition included Ohio-based Acree Daily Corp. coming onboard as SecurityNet’s latest member. The company, founded in 1984 and owned by Lou Castelli, will serve Ohio and parts of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky and Indiana.