Consultant site launches new searchable database of security products
Tuesday, November 22, 2011

SOUTHBURY, Conn.— is expanding. Managing director Ray Coulombe announced Nov. 21 that he’s launching a complimentary new service on the site, a comprehensive online database of security industry equipment and software suppliers.

“So far what we have is the largest online database of consultants. … What was missing [as a resource in this industry] is a place to go online and find a list of industry suppliers and their products,” Coulombe said.
The database will be searchable by more than 70 product areas and will initially cover more than 400 companies. Sponsoring companies will have the option of populating what Coulombe is calling “feature pages” on the site. Feature pages are a series of web pages that “allow every company to be viewed in a standardized format, but will be customized for the content of the manufacturer,” he explained.
The pages will allow system designers to “get to the suppliers’ own pages of interest directly,” he said. They may include multimedia photo- and video galleries and also “provide ways to link to main product areas, white papers, case studies, highlights, events and more.”

In addition to making life easier for anyone who designs systems, Coulombe sees the new service as a way of leveling the playing field for small- to mid-sized vendors. “They’re not at a disadvantage because of their size. It [provides] a standard way to get information [about any vendor.]”
Vendors can update their own feature pages at anytime using a “simple admin interface …  so they can provide timely information to the marketplace,” Coulombe said. “The service will be advantageous to buyers, consultants, vendors and the industry in general.”

The equipment suppliers’ database is up and running now with more companies being added. The directory and feature page links may be found at In the pipeline is a similar searchable database of integrators, Coulombe said.