Specifically Speaking with Joshua A. Charfauros

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

What services does the company provide and what vertical markets does the company specialize in?

COMBS Consulting Group is an independent technology, audio/visual and security design and consulting firm providing professional design and consulting services to clients in all vertical markets on a national and international level. COMBS Consulting Group provides expert and unbiased objectivity in assessing, budgeting, designing, procuring and managing the implementation of technology, audio/visual and security systems.

What is your role and areas of expertise at COMBS?

As the regional director for COMBS Consulting Group, I am responsible for leading my team through day-to-day operations, including technology and security design; consulting and project management; and leading all international projects.

I specialize in leadership, project management, physical and electronic security, cybersecurity, wireless networking, data networking, video surveillance, asset protection, intrusion detection, access control, security policy and threat assessment.

I serve as an SME in project management; process improvement; a wide variety of physical security practices; procedural standardization; project recovery; risk assessment; team building; conflict resolution; multi-million dollar budgets; identifying and tracking requirements; monitoring contract performance; supervising multilingual teams; managing teams of 1,000-plus; tracking costs; and preparing and delivering briefings.

Where were you before COMBS and how did you get started in security?

Previously, I served as Sr. IT Project Manager for the National Security Agency (NSA), with special project support to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Drug Enforcement Agencies (DEA) ICE division, and the U.S Air Force Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency (AF ISRA). Before this, I spent a several years guarding and supporting the transportation of protection level 1 resources such as nuclear weapons for the Department of Defense.

I am a highly decorated Air Force veteran who has been honored with hundreds of technical and leadership awards, medals and decorations. Notably, I received the Meritorious Service and Humanitarian Service Medal after managing the re-establishment of communication vital to national security following the 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.

What is your view on the industry moving forward?

The security industry is rapidly evolving and becoming more automated. Previously, video analytics were only seen in the movies. Now they are a reality, and I believe they have captured the industry’s full attention. Analytics can be used to identify threats, missing persons, stolen vehicles, suspicious packages, detect intruders, vehicles driving the wrong way, etc.

When integrated with the right systems they can also aid access control and intrusion detection systems become more effective in detecting and responding to possible threats.  Furthermore, analytics can be used to allow entry into facilities when properly integrated with an access control system.

I would not be surprised if video analytics are used at point of sale locations in the very near future. We are moving toward a very automated way of life and I strongly believe video analytics will be at the forefront of that movement.

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