Strategis Group predicts growth in home networks

SSN Staff  - 
Tuesday, January 1, 2002

WASHINGTON-The Strategis Group, a global telecommunications research and consulting firm, predicts that 2.3 million U.S. households will implement home networks by 2006 in its new report, "Global Home Networking: Wireless LANs & Wired Alternatives". The group also predicts that 80 percent of broadband households will adopt some form of home networking in the same timeframe.

Home Tech Works secures $3 million contracts
TEMECULA and LOS ANGELES, Calif.-Home networking company Home Tech Works, a joint venture between Media Concepts and Top Box, has secured more than $3 million in contracts with major builders for its residential smart home digital infrastructure, according to Erik Vidrio, president of Media Concepts and chief executive officer for Home Tech Works.

The company also entered into a sales alliance with wireless automation company

Honolulu institutes alarm impact fee
HONOLULU, Hawaii-The Honolulu City Council approved charging every Oahu home and business owner with a security system a $15 fee, a provision that begins this spring.

For those who do not register their alarm, the city will fine the owner $100. The measure is meant to reduce the number of false alarms. It also requires an annual $5 fee and a service charge of $50 for excessive alarms.

But according to alarm company representatives, the measure will hurt the average alarm owner and not target frequent offenders.

The city's police captain said the city spends $600,000 annually responding to 33,000 false alarms.