Synergetic prepares to enter the security market

SSN Staff  - 
Tuesday, January 1, 2002

SALT LAKE CITY -Synergetic Technolgies Inc., a holding company with subsidiaries in wastewater treatment, healthcare and food services, has launched a plan to enter the security systems market.

Last week, the company acquired ICU Security Systems, which had been developing security surveillance systems to be used in the transportation industry. That announcement was followed with news that its new ICU Security Systems subsidiary had completed the engineering platform for a system that will be beta tested by several U.S.-based airlines. Synergetic did not release the names of the airlines, and noted that the system has not been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration.

The company did say, however that their system will include existing hardware, much of which has already been approved by the FAA. It also predicted that prototypes would be ready for testing by early January.

The ICU system records loading of passengers, fuel, and cargo, and stays in operation for the first 10 minutes of flight. It can be reactivated remotely from ground control or by members of the flight crew, and reactivates automatically if the plane strays from its normal flight path or experiences a sudden drop in altitude. Input from the monitoring devices will be viewable in realtime at a central terminal owned by the company.