Vector Security president John Murphy dies

Friday, October 15, 2010

Vector Security president John MurphyMT LAUREL, N.J.—Vector Security president and CSAA past president John Murphy died Oct. 13 after a protracted fight with cancer.

“Despite his courageous six year battle, John peacefully succumbed to his illness,” Murphy’s wife Mary Murphy said in an announcement from the CSAA. “John passed at home with our children and myself at his bedside, and we now rest comfortably in knowing that John is finally pain free.”

CSAA executive director, Steve Doyle said Murphy’s contributions to the security industry were too numerous to count.

“I think he assumed his role at Vector in 1991, but he didn’t come on the scene of the main industry trade associations until 2002 or 2003. He was a dynamic force for central stations. More than that, he went on to become president of the CSAA and was involved in the AICC and ESA, and was on the board of the AIE—the Alarm Industry Expo, which is the group between CSAA and ESA that runs ESX. He was one of the initiators of the alarm industry museum that we’re building,” Doyle said. “I think he earned almost every award we have in our industry.”

According to Vector’s official announcement of Murphy’s death, Murphy was recognized for his endeavors by all the industry’s major associations.

“Over the years, Mr. Murphy received numerous awards and recognitions within the industry, most recently being honored as the 2009 recipient of the Triton Award,” the announcement reads. “Bestowed by SIA, the CSAA and the ESA, it recognizes industry statesmanship and efforts to promote good working relationships among the three associations.”

Wayne Alarm president Ralph Sevinor, also a CSAA past president, worked closely with Murphy for many years. “He loved this industry and was just a champion for all of us,” Sevinor said. “His contributions will be felt by many for generations to come … The security industry lost a real lion.”

Doyle agreed. “Over and above everything else, he was instrumental in having Vector contribute greatly to everything our industry undertook, all of our battles, whether it was political battles or battles on Capitol Hill, or work with the FCC or false alarm issues. Whatever it happened to be, Vector staff was involved,” Doyle said. “He was definitely a guy who was about moving the industry onward and upward through the development of industry standards and the furthering of professionalism. He was a grand gentleman of the industry. He was an icon, and he will be missed.”

In lieu of flowers, the Murphy family has requested donations be made to the Directors Fund in Clinical Cardiology in honor of Dr. Irving Herling at Penn Medicine. Donations can be made payable to The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania and should be sent to: Carol A. Forte, Executive Director of Development, Centers & Institutes, Penn Medicine, 3535 Market Street, Suite 750, Philadelphia, PA 19104.

Murphy is survived by his wife Mary and his children, John, Mary Beth, Michael, and Thomas, as well as seven grandchildren.