Women in Security: ‘Women can bring different perspective to female customers,' Beth Reid-Giles says

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

DALLAS—More single women are buying their own homes these days, and they want to feel safe there. Sometimes it takes a woman’s understanding of security issues to make sure customers do feel safe, according to Beth Reid-Giles, owner of Ranger Technology Solutions.

With more than 30 years of experience in the security systems industry, Reid-Giles doesn’t make gender diversity in the field a big issue, she said.

“But I think it’s good to bring that different perspective to the work. It’s very important for women to feel safe in their homes; being in tune with women is important,” she explained.

It’s not that men in the industry can’t do that, she said, but some female customers may just feel more comfortable knowing that another woman understands their needs and appreciates the small details, even down to their desire for “an aesthetically pleasing [alarm system].”

Reid-Giles, along with her son, run Ranger Technology Solutions, which serves the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Before founding Ranger Technology, Reid-Giles worked in a local office of Ranger American, a security company that was acquired by super-regional Guardian Protection in 2007.

She acquired that office more than two years ago and is now an authorized Guardian Protection dealer. That makes Ranger Technology one of the most experienced security system suppliers in the Dallas-Fort Worth market, she said.

The company, with 30 employees, puts a primary focus on the new homebuyer market, something Reid-Giles has been familiar with since childhood.

“I grew up in a family that built homes and was involved in new construction, so I am very comfortable working with builders and new owners,” she said.

“I see us as the technology concierge. I get a lot of satisfaction helping buyers identify what their needs are—how to protect their homes and their families,” she said.

She works with established builders, buyers of new homes and buyers of previously owned homes.

“We sit down with them as part of the buying process,” she said.

She advises other women in the industry “to stay true to your convictions.”

“Treat your customers and employees as you’d want to be treated. Do the right things. Never do wrong.

“If you treat your employees the right way, they’ll treat customers the right way. It comes full circle,” she said.