About Sam Pfeifle, who writes this column

With a background in mainstream journalism, Sam has now headed Security Systems News for the past four years, and is a programmer of TechSec Solutions, a conference that explores the impact of IP technology on the security industry. He's married, has two children, and doesn't bother to lock his doors up here in Maine. But, shhhhh, don't tell anyone.


[...] fearless editor Sam sent the link for a company he’d stumbled across called Hi-Tech CCTV Monitoring to me the [...]

[...] ethics, and the plight of the industry in the face of sometimes dishonest and pushy door-knockers. Sam and Martha discuss the poll results at ssnTVnews, as [...]

[...] my fearless editor Sam forwarded a release on to me from MobiDEOS (though the one linked here is from Iveda) about a [...]

[...] editor Sam touched on audio verification recently in a story he wrote about developing tensions between [...]

[...] finally, the editorial staff at Security Systems News has been hard at work on conceiving of, organizing and [...]

[...] forward to ISC West. I’m looking forward to following all the news from my colleagues, Sam, Martha and Leischen as it [...]

[...] faux pases (is that the plural of faux pas?) such as these gaffs addressed by my fearless leader, Sam in a recent post. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can [...]

[...] my boss Sam tweeted a comment about central stations becoming redundant from the the floor of the TechSec [...]

[...] was talking with my editor Sam the other day and we were trying to decide how we could take the unfortunate loss at Eli Lilly and [...]

[...] editor Sam moderated a PERS webinar yesterday. The aim was to educate those already in the PERS marketplace on [...]

[...] in New York involving the limit of liability clause in most security contracts. My editor Sam has also touched a federal rule that allows federal agencies to require that contractors working on [...]