Giving back is more important — and easier — than ever!


As my blog title says, giving back is more important — and easier — than ever! With all that is going on right now and so many out of work, or on furlough, or living on diminished wages, the need to give back to those who are less fortunate is becoming vitally important.

And thanks to a new fundraising campaign from one of my favorite charitable organizations, Mission 500, it is easier than ever to raise money virtually, right there from your home, or out running, walking or biking. Mission 500 has made it easy to join the M500 Club, which is made up of Mission 500 supporters who have raised $500 or more by fundraising alongside a wellness or fun initiative.

I love that they are embracing virtual events as it is so difficult these days obviously to hold the usual fundraising events that Mission 500 is known for, such as school supply backpack builds, the 5k/2k Run/Walk at ISC West and the service trips to hard-hit places like Puerto Rico, to name just a few of the gazillion things the organization and those who support it do each year. .

Probably the hardest part of getting started with their new virtual campaign is choosing an initiative/team, as there are so many cool and healthy ways to get involved and start raising money. Below are some of the initial activities to choose from:
•    Walking/Steps Challenge
•    5K Run
•    10K Run
•    Half Marathon
•    Full Marathon
•    Cycling
•    Buzz Challenge
•    Musical Performance

In addition to the feeling of satisfaction from giving back, club members will receive a one of a kind Mission 500 jacket they can show off at industry events. You can see Ronnie Pennington from Altronix showing off the jacket here.

So I guess the only thing left to do is dust off my guitar and join the Musical Performance team and see if I can raise some money.

See you there!