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Tyco Security Products

TSP expands Connected Partner Program

Expanded integration library designed to benefit integrators

WESTFORD, Mass.—Tyco Security Products recently added two offerings—Kantech and victor client—into its Connected Partner Program along with Illustra, American Dynamics and Software House.

Tyco Security Products buys Innometriks


WESTFORD, Mass.—Tyco Security Products yesterday announced it has acquired substantially all of the assets of Innometriks and 2DogsStudios, developers of high assurance readers, software and mobile solutions for FIPS-201 (Federal Information Processing Standard) smart card credentials.

VideoEdge debuts facial biometrics


WESTFORD, Mass—Tyco Security Products in Febrauary introduced facial biometrics within VideoEdge video surveillance systems for immediate detection and verification of individuals.

Tyco Security Products expands biometrics integration

CCURE 9000 now includes IdentyTech fingerprint readers

WESTFORD, Mass.–– Tyco Security Products in December announced the integration of IdentyTech fingerprint readers with Software House’s C•CURE 9000 security and event management solution.'s commercial move solidifying

Wednesday, August 5, 2015, the interactive services platform provider, made its first foray into the commercial market, with the purchase, earlier this year of Secure-i.

Tyco Security Products wants to invest in your start-up


WESTFORD, Mass.—In an attempt to accelerate the innovation process, Tyco Security Products announced that it is investing in tech startups.

Tyco wants to invest in your startup

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Tyco Security Products announced yesterday that it wants to invest in tech startups and other “innovators.” TSP, a division of Tyco International, launched InnovationWorks, a program designed to “help innovators and entrepreneurs bring new and advanced ideas to the marketplace.”

Tyco executive named to Smart Card Alliance council


WESTFORD, Mass.—Tyco Security Products announced on Jan.

Tyco Security Products sponsors women’s symposium


WESTFORD, Mass.—Tyco Security Products is sponsoring the 10th annual Massachusetts Conference for Women on Dec. 4 in Boston.