Layered Protection: Integrating Diverse Security Measures for Public Safety

From the physical barriers outlining a perimeter, to the devices monitoring important spaces, to strategic design of a venue’s natural environment, virtually every public venue employs multiple tiers of security to protect their perimeters and areas of interest. As venue security becomes increasingly complex however, the emergence of powerful IoT devices, analytics, and technologies are making public venues smarter, safer, and more efficient. Join Axis Communications and Eaton Lighting Solutions to learn more about the innovative solutions being used to tackle complex public venue security challenges.   By attending this webcast you will gain comprehensive knowledge about: The common challenges public venues face when securing their perimeter and areas of interest. The role, importance, and balance of traditional and modern perimeter protection strategies within public venues. How smart technologies can integrate into the many layers of venue security to create more effective, comprehensive solutions.
Presenter (s): 
James Marcella, Director of Industry Associations, Axis Communications; Bob Chapin, Enterprise Account Manager Vertical Markets, Lighting, Eaton Lighting Solutions
Moderator (s): 
Rick Rector, Publisher, Security Systems News