The Future of Security Now: State of the industry from top industry leaders

Wednesday, September 9 at 2:00 pm ET

Don’t miss this interactive panel as they take a three-dimensional look at the industry from each of their unique perspectives and roles in the industry.

Protecting Your Electronic Security Systems From Cyber Threats

Information Technology (IT) departments face continuous challenges as they deal with complex and changing IT requirements and regulations.

Access Control 2020: The State of the Industry

A new study of security directors, managers, and consultants finds access control infrastructure is deteriorating, as is the confidence that the access control systems in place are up for the job.

Privacy and Video Surveillance: Advanced Technology and Best Practices Protecting People, Property and Personal Data

Thursday, April 30 at 2:00 pm

Over the past few years legislative standards and regulations have impacted the concept and legal requirements of privacy around the world.

Uncover the biggest trend in Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS)

The PERS market is hungry for something new and is ready for an easy-to-use fall detection device that seniors don't have to wear or press a button when in need.

Layered Protection: Integrating Diverse Security Measures for Public Safety

From the physical barriers outlining a perimeter, to the devices monitoring important spaces, to strategic design of a venue’s natural environment, virtually every public venue employs multiple tiers of security to protect their perimeters and areas of interest.

Listen Up – How and Why Network Audio is Changing the Surveillance Landscape

The surveillance industry is changing fast, and network audio capabilities are at the heart of some of the industry’s most important advancements.

Safe Cities: Powered by interoperability

Successful safe city deployments heavily leverage the integration of multiple systems and technologies to achieve a comprehensive and streamlined approach to public safety and security.

Video compression and Cost of Ownership

The growing demand for high resolution and 4K video in video surveillance is pushing the limits of today’s existing infrastructure and storage capacities of surveillance systems.